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The holidays are such a special time for families. But there are some professions Рpolice officers, doctors, nurses and firefighters Р where holidays are just another day. So the question was raised Рif a firefighter is schedule to work Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, do they see their families? How do they celebrate?

Our typical workday is 24-hours, with shift changes each day between 6-7am. However, because of the nature of our job, we cannot leave the station until our replacement arrives. We try to help each other out so that we can all enjoy some family time during the holidays by working a bit later or showing up a bit early. For example, if a firefighter is scheduled to work Christmas Eve, their shift ends at 6am Christmas Day. If that firefighter has kids, his replacement might show up a bit early so he (or she!) can make it home before the children wake on Christmas morning.

Of course food is a big part of the holidays and for firefighters it’s no different. Most of the stations will try to prepare a traditional holiday meal with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and all the sides. Occasionally families might stop by the station to say hello to their firefighter – but when the bells ring and there’s an emergency – it’s all hands on deck!

Firefighters are lucky; not only do they have their traditional family, but they also have their “firefighter” family. It is commonly referred to as the “Brotherhood” – and it is a very close group. They are always there to help out citizens of our community, but also to help out each other.

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